Clate D. Jackson “CJ” and his entry into the political-sphere


CLATE JACKSON My name is Clate Jackson – I'm an Oxon Hill, Maryland, nestled between the North Barnaby and Birchwood communities – in beautiful Legislative District 26.

Our state and Prince George's County are at an inflection point – in politics, cultural relativism, and how our government provides for and protects its citizens. Never has that been clearer than it is right now.

Today, our neighbors are more engaged in local, state, and US governance than at any other time in modern history. During my travels throughout our community, more and more, I hear from folks like you and me who say that we need public servants who are bold but pragmatic, who are responsive to their constituents' needs and concerns, and who are promise keepers. I share in that sentiment.

My upbringing moved me to public service, of which I have enjoyed for the last 21 years of my life. My life experiences, especially these last four years, have grounded me even deeper in the community, given me a chance to help everyday folks on a level I've never imagined, and provided me with a wealth of good fortune with many good people. With those experiences in hand, I believe I embody the characteristics the people expect in their public servants.

I want to continue to give back to the community in which I was raised and frequented: that means supporting the best people who have your and my interest at heart; that means getting behind candidates and platforms that keep pushing Prince George’s forward for all, but most importantly for the least fortunate among us; that means supporting our police and first responders but holding them accountable when there’s wrongdoing. That's why I ran for the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee At-Large seat for the 26th Legislative District in 2022.

Please join me in this mission, and together, let's make Prince George's better.

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Clate understands that being active in the community makes the community healthy and vibrant.

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Clate’s Dedication to Public Service

Clate will always be available to you and communicate the issues clearly and completely with you.. I know that work in any function of government is essential, a duty that I don’t take lightly or for granted. You look to your local elected body to keep you informed and to conduct the business of their constituents – from the Central Committee to the Governor. Our first-line elected body, the Central Committee, should be active in the community and act as a liaison to the legislators of that district. The more the public is informed, the better we are at making decisions that affect us – including decisions at the ballot box.
Clate promises to be deliberate and judicious in conducting the people's business in any capacity – whether as Chief of Staff or in any position he serves. I know that honest, transparent, and being responsive to the people is critical to the survival of good governance. Working on behalf of the people requires active listening and an understanding of the issues. I promise to do his solemn duty with 100% commitment.
Clate understands that being active in the community makes the community healthy and vibrant.. I know that you can never provide enough information to the public. With 21st century technology, I will ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest information and most current stating of party issues in Prince George’s County. I also understand that being seen over being heard is unparalleled. You will see me in the community knocking on doors, passing out literature, answering questions, and lending a helping hand. Far too often, those elected disappear from the public eye and lurk under the radar until election time comes around; this is not the mode or manner of Clate Jackson.